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Staff and Directories

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CNRS Senior Scientist

Contact details

LEPMI/Phelma-Campus 1130 rue de la Piscine BP75 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères FRANCE

  • Tél. : 33 (0)4 76 82 65 84
  • Fax : 33 (0)4 76 82 67 77

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Activities / Resume

Research Interests

??For my research field, electrochemical processes provide synthesis routes of metallic coatings and innovative materials. Electrochemistry provides also different analysis tools to study the reaction mechanisms, the reaction steps and their kinetics.

My current research interests in electrochemistry address two main areas of application: the electrochemical depositions of pure and alloyed metals and the metal recycling.

?More specifically, my primary research interest is to understand the relationships between material's chemical composition and structure and texture properties related to the operating conditions used during the electrochemical nucleation and growth. Subsequently, the aim is to develop quantitative relationships between the microstructure and the material properties (mechanical, magnetic, catalytic, increase of corrosion resistance and of material durability, etc). The imposed synthesis conditions can then be used for advanced applications to create new-generation materials with appropriate properties. This research aims also the fundamental understanding of electrochemical deposition phenomena mainly based on electrocrystallization. The knowledge of the fundamental rules relating electrocrystallization and physical properties of deposits will pave the way toward designing and fabricating new generations of functional materials. Of particular interest is the influence of heteroepitaxy on the electrodeposits, the evolution of their microstructure during the film growth and the effect of elaborating conditions on the phase transformations (electrolyte nature, overpotential, adsorption of additive molecules on the surface). 

Researches have been centered for a long time on material elaboration from aqueous electrolytes. However, current researches are now opened on ionic liquids in order to perform refractory metal and rare earth coatings. 


?My second research interest focuses on metal recycling with hydrometallurgical processes. The leaching of metallic wastes is performed in aqueous or ionic liquid solutions. At the end, the separation of dissolved metallic ions can be carried out by selective liquid-liquid extraction, by chemical precipitation or by electrodeposition. 


Scientific Production
- 94 articles
- 1 patent
- 169 communications in congresses
- h-index = 24
- list of publications
- list of communications

- 21 PhD thesis
- 1 doctoral thesis are underway
- 11 post-doctorates

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