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Visionair is a world class infrastructure about visualisation supported by the European Seventh Research Framework Program (FP7).

From February 2012 to January 2015, the project is conducted by Frédéric Noël from G-SCOP laboratory - Grenoble Institute of Technology - and clusters 25 academic organisations across 12 European countries.  Visionair grants researchers from all around the world transnational access to high level visualization facilities and resources.

Both physical access and virtual services are offered by the infrastructure. Web access to resources for preparing visualization task is organized, while access to high level platforms is allowed free of charge to external scientists. Selection is based on the excellence of the projects submitted taking advantage of scientific visualization dedicated devices, networked ultra-high definition displays and acquisition systems, virtual reality resources including CAVE-like displays, holographic display, HMDs, etc. and augmented collaborative environments.

The total contribution awarded by the European Commission to Visionair amounts to 6.5 million euros.

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A map of all platforms is avaible here (enter Visionair in the "search" area).

Project and scientific coordinator: Frédéric Noël