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Grenoble, the second most innovative European city

Published on April 16, 2014
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On 11 March 2014, the results of "iCapitale" (competition for the European capital of innovation launched by the European Commission in September 2013) were published. Grenoble was selected second most innovative city in Europe behind Barcelona.

Ville de Grenoble

Ville de Grenoble

This award singles out the city offering the best "innovation ecosystem" by connecting the citizens, public organisations, teaching institutions and businesses. As 68% of the EU population currently live in urban areas, these are the areas that will provide the greatest contribution towards advancing innovation in Europe. The cities promote innovation through their own service offers; however the main challenge is to create a favourable environment that allows others to innovate and to foster the interconnection between the public and private spheres. An independent jury composed of experts will select the winner from amongst the finalists.

Grenoble, a finalist from among 58 cities

Amongst the 58 candidate cities, six were preselected, and then this number was brought down to three: Barcelona, Grenoble and Groningen (Netherlands). The winner was announced during the closing ceremony of the 2014 Innovation Convention, the leading innovation event in Europe, held in Brussels on 10 and 11 March 2014.

5th most innovative city in the world according to Forbes

Grenoble is a common site on podiums. In its 2013 ranking of the 15 most innovative cities, the American economy magazine, Forbes, ranked the Isère capital in 5th position, behind Eindhoven, Netherlands, the Californian cities of Silicon Valley, San Diego, San Francisco and the Swedish city Malmö. Once again, Grenoble stands out thanks to its ecosystem centred on the threefold “research university industry” focus, its partnerships with successful manufacturers, internationally renowned research laboratories and higher education courses.

A great place to live

Grenoble is also "a great city to live" as proven by its long-time No. 1 ranking by the L’Etudiant magazine.
It is a city that knows how to welcome all publics: ranked leading city in France with 18.7/20 on the disability accessibility barometer by the French Association of Paralysed Individuals (APF) and second European city by Access City Award which is aimed at highlighting and rewarding cities providing exemplary access to disabled people.

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Date of update April 16, 2014

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