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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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TENERRDIS industrial cluster

Updated on February 5, 2008
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The aim of the TENERRDIS cluster (industrial and research cluster for renewable energies in Rhône-Alpes region and for the development of new energetical technologies) is to promote research and business spin-offs in new energy technology. The long-term goal is to provide France with efficient renewable energy to meet the growing worldwide energy consumption needs, without contributing to the greenhouse effect.

Five mass-market programs
  • imageSolar energy and construction, aiming to create buildings that will be energy-positive, by improving energy efficiency and using photovoltaic solar power for electricity and thermal solar power for hot water, heating, heat pumps and air conditioning .
  • Grid management, aiming to improve electricity grid efficiency and safety, in a context of increasingly diverse energy sources, where users are starting to produce and sell electricity to the grid.
  • Biomass, aiming to use biomass treatment to produce fuel, electricity and hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells, aiming to use fuel cells for storing hydrogen produced by various energy sources, to be used in the service (telecommunications) and transport sectors.
  • Hydroelectricity, aiming to increase the efficiency of current facilities, meet environmental standards, develop mini-hydraulics and start to work in major foreign markets.

Leadership The Governing Body sets TENERRDIS strategy and establishes new projects. It is made up of: six industrial groups working in new energy technologies:

  • Alstom Power Environment, represented by Maryse François, Engineering and R&D Director,
  • CIAT, represented by Jean-Pierre Picolet, Strategy and International Development Director,
  • Gaz de France, represented by Marc Florette, Research Director,
  • MGE UPS SYSTEMS, represented by Claude Graff, CEO,
  • Tenesol (formerly Total Energie), represented by Roland Barthez, Managing Director,
  • Thales, represented by Daniel Briquet, Director of Nuclear, Defense and Waste Business unit,

three scientific and academic research centers:

  • CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) represented by Jean Therme, Technological research Director
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology, represented by Paul Jacquet, President
  • University of Savoy, represented by Claude Jameux, President

one local authority:

and one honorary member:

Renewable energy in the Rhone-Alpes region

The TENERRDIS industrial cluster draws together companies, some of which have a leading international role, such as Schneider Electric, Alstom, MGE, Photowatt, Tenesol, Gaz de France and EDF. These groups employ 100,000 staff the Rhone-Alpes region.

CEA, Grenoble Institute of Technology, the University of Savoy and many other public sector research and teaching bodies are also part of the cluster.

With 41 % of French domestic hydroelectricity production, the Rhone-Alpes region has the necessary experience in renewable energy. It is also the leading region in France for solar panels per inhabitant.

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Date of update February 5, 2008

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