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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - PhD Ceremony - The 11 Theses awarded (page 2/2)


Thesis : "Non Linear Parametric Modeling of Asynchronous Machines and Associated Optimization Process. Application to Hybrid Vehicles Dimensioning"

Managed by Jean-Paul YONNET and Christian CHILLET, in Electrotechnique Laboratory of Grenoble, Gareth PUGSLEY studied the optimization of asynchronous cage machines with applications in electric drives. His researches allowed Renault Group to conceive electric drives for its future vehicles (CIFRE thesis contract with RENAULT).

Krunoslav ROMANJEK

Thesis : "Characterization and Modeling of CMOS Transistors for 50 nanometers
and less technologies"

Managed by Gérard GHIBAUDO, in Microelectronics, Electromagnetism and Photonics Institute, Krunoslav ROMANJEK centered his researches on characterization and modelling of CMOS transistors for technologies using elementary electronic components less than 50 nanometers. He proposed new analysis methods of performances for less than 50 nanometers CMOS transistors in electricity transportation.


Thesis: "Multistable Verbal Representations in Working Memory: Towards an Active Perception of Talking Units"

Managed by Jean-Luc SCHWARTZ, in Talked Communication Institute, Marc SATO worked on certain cognitive and cerebral phenomena implied in human memorization processes, as, for example, the memorization of a phone number by loop repetition. His researches allowed the localization, in the human brain, of processes implemented in memorization, with applications in language and its training comprehension.

Chan Sun SHIN

Thesis : "3D Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Applied to Dislocation - Precipitate Interactions"

Managed by Marc FIVEL, in Physics Engineering and Materials Mechanics Laboratory, Chan Sun SHIN analyzed problems of interactions between dislocations and precipitates, and their dynamics. He deducted results exploitable by industrialists to help them to apprehend lifespan under constraint of materials hardened by precipitation, particularly in aeronautics.


Thesis : "From Characterization of Primitives to Polyhedric Reconstruction of Surfaces in Discrete Geometry"

Managed by Jean-Marc CHASERY, in Image and Signals Laboratory, Isabelle SIVIGNON worked on problems of recognition and characterization in discrete geometry. She proposed algorithms helping to model simple and complex objects. Her thesis open perspectives in pictures analysis.

François TOSCAN

Thesis : "Joint Optimization of Oxides Coatings Adherence and Thermic Oxidation Kinetics on Stainless Steels"

Managed by Alain GALERIE, in Thermodynamics and Metallurgic Physicochemistry Laboratory, François TOSCAN interested in description of oxidation mechanisms and chipping of oxides coatings for stainless steels. This research resulted in optimizing nuances in the car industry. His thesis has been cofinanced by Ugine & Alz, a subsidiary of Arcelor Group.

Date of update May 2, 2006

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