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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - PhD Ceremony - The 11 Theses awarded (page 1/2)

Mickaël BOINET

Thesis: "Plasma Anodization of Metals (A1 1050, AM60): Analysis by Acoustic Emission. Structure, Composition and Electrochemical Properties of Obtained Coating."

Managed by Francis DALARD in the Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials and Interfaces Laboratory, Mickaël BOINET studied the plasma anodization of aluminum and magnesium. The originality of his work consisted in coupling chemical and acoustic methods to follow various processes taking place during anodization. Those researches aimed, for example, replacing chrome coatings in aeronautic or car industries by anticorrosion solutions. Mickaël BOINET was postdoctoral fellow at Southampton University, one of the best European universities in Electrochemistry.


Thesis: "Quantum Computer Science: Algorithms and Complexity."

Managed by Philippe JORRAND, in the LEIBNIZ Laboratory (Discrete Mathematics, Cognitive Systems), Mehdi MHALLA analyzed, at the quantum scale, computer potentials offered by the extreme miniaturization of electronic components. His works enabled to give a remarkable contribution in algorithmics, awarded by the Best Paper Award of ICALP 2004, on of the prestigious conference in theoretical Computer Science for more than 30 years.


Thesis: "Identification of the Oceans and Localization of Sources in Ultra Low Frequencies (1 - 100 Hz)."

Managed by Jérôme MARS, in Image and Signals Laboratory, Barbara NICOLAS worked on the characterization of oceans by using acoustic treatments of signals propagated in water and oceanic basement. She defined a new method to estimate geoacoustic parameters as waves speed in water and in the basement, or a water colon height and the localization of certain sound signals sources.

Jean-Philippe PERNOT

Thesis : "Deformation Features of Forms Completely Left for Mechanic and Esthetic Design"

In Grounds, Solids and Structures Laboratory, Jean-Philippe PERNOT gave a significant scientific contribution by proposing a modeling of left forms and manipulation operators design for those forms. His works have applications in industrial design, particularly for automobile bodies. This thesis has been realized in cooperation with the Institute of Applied Mathematics of Genova.


Thesis: Synthesis of Robust Multivariable Digital Regulators by Convex

Managed by Loan DORÉ LANDAU, in Automatics Laboratory of Grenoble, Hynek PROCHAZKA analyzed problems of robust command for mono and multivariable systems. The objective was to guarantee highest performances for those complex systems, particularly concerning their precision and perturbations reject disturbing their functions.


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