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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - Doctors Honoris Causa awarded (page 2/2)


Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of University of California, Berkeley, Pravin VARAIYA is one of the most visible and renowned researchers in Systems Engineering. His activities cover various research fields from Microeconomics, Automatism, and Hybrid Systems to Sensors Systems. He has been a major contributor to the emergence of embedded systems.

He is at the origin of research projects that develop the actual notoriety of University of California, Berkeley, in embedded systems, as, for example, PATH Project on automatic highways which produced number of theoretical and technical results (hybrid systems theory, heterogeneous systems simulation tools, reliable implantation methods).

Pravin VARAIYA is a remarkable scientist by his capacity to establish links between theory and practical applications and solutions. His team produced innovating results in systems control with applications to automatic piloting vehicles (cars, helicopters). As a researcher, he played a key role in communication networks, hybrid systems, intelligent transportation systems and hierarchical command control systems. His contribution to the development of approaches centered on systems is exceptional, and is recognized by the scientific community.

Collaborations of Pravin VARAIYA's research team with Verimag Laboratory around hybrid systems began in the 1990's and continue today with long term visiting professors in Grenoble IT's program.
Klaus von KLITZING

Klaus von KLITZING is Director of Research in Max Planck Institut (MPI) and Emeritus Professor of Stuttgart Universität in Germany. He is a scientist whose works have an international notoriety to have open the way for modern physics.

Very known within the physicist community of Grenoble Area, he worked in 1979 - 1980 in French Service of Intense Fields (Joint laboratory of Max Planck Institut and French Center for Scientific Research), where he conducted in 1980 crucial and determining experiences which allowed him to highlight the Quantum Hall Effect. Those works and the common publication (Phys. Rev. Letters 45, 494 (1980)), with G. DORDA and M. PEPPER, of their results, conducted Klaus von KLITZING to received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1985. He was 42 years old. The properties of two dimensions electronic systems, discovered by Klaus von KLITZING, are not natural but have been measured thanks to the development of Electronics and semiconductors, and the control of advanced production techniques.

Klaus von KLITZING career is remarkable by the link he always made between theory and practical applications, between science and technology. The scientific community international recognition show how this link is an essential factor in training, research and innovation actions.

Klaus von KLITZING is today very attached to Grenoble Area. He is interested in the development of researches in this region, in particular in Grenoble IT and in Minatec.

Date of update April 27, 2006

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