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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - Doctors Honoris Causa awarded (page 1/2)


Professor Arun G. PHADKE worked in industry during 13 years before joining Virginia Tech University as Professor in 1982. He became American Electric Power Professor in Electric Engineering in 1985, and received, in 2000, the title of University Distinguished Professor. Professor PHADKE conducted researches on electric networks, and gave many lectures throughout the world, for engineers in industry. He developed active cooperations with various American and International technical companies.

Professor PHADKE was elected Fellow of IEEE in 1980 and member of National Academy of Engineering in 1983. He occupied key functions in those organizations: President of Power System Relaying Committee of IEEE in 1999-2000, Chief Editor of Transactions of IEEE on Power Delivery Journal. At National Academy of Engineering, in 1998, he has been member of Peer Committee in Power, which supervises election of new academicians in Electric Energy field.

Professor PHADKE is an active member of International Council of Large Electric Systems. He was member of the US Section and manages its national US Committee, after being treasurer and vice president.

He spent three sabbatical years at ABB Sweden (1989) and Grenoble IT (1997 and 2004), during which he developed strong relationships with Swedish and French Research Organizations. Number of projects has been initiated during those years, particularly in Grenoble where he actively participated in intensifying students' exchanges between Grenoble IT and Virginia Tech.

Professor PHADKE has been member of majority of committees and commissions of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of Virginia Tech and its Center for Power Engineering. He was director of this Center. He supervised the training program on Electrical Systems, which has been nationally and internationally recognized as one of the most modern and productive.

Carlo NALDI was born on October 23rd, 1939, in Torino. He is married and father of two children. He graduated in 1967 (Laurea degree in Electronic Engineering received from Politecnico di Torino in 1967). In October 1969, he became Assistant Professor of Applied Electronics with the same Institue. In 1980, he was appointed Associate Professor os Solid State Electronic Devices and in 1986 he became a Full Professor of Electronic Devices.

Carlo NALDI is an expert internationally renowned of microwaves devices, which have various applications in ground and spatial telecommunications. His research activities have conducted to more than a hundred of contributions in international books, articles and communications. He is referent of many international journals, and member of scientific committee of various conferences.

As a Professor, Carlo NALDI gave lectures in Mathematics and Physics for Elctronic Devices. He has been Invited Professor in the US (Princeton), the Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela and France (Strasbourg and Grenoble during 4 years).

Carlo NALDI joined to his teaching and research activities management of academic institutions of Politecnico di Torino. He is Dean of the new Faculty of Information Technologies of Politecnico di Torino since 1999.

Carlo NALDI has been particularly active in international relationships within the CLUSTER network, initiated by Grenoble Institute of Technology, which includes 12 of the best European universities of technology, and within the new Master's Degree of Micro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems, a joint program of Politecnico di Torino, Lausanne Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Grenoble IT.

Carlo NALDI has strong and durable relationships with Grenoble IT. Invited Professor of Grenoble IT from 1995 to 1999, he is today member of the Board of this Institute.

Date of update April 27, 2006

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