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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - Conferences animators (page 2/4)

Jean-Philippe DAUVIN, pioneer of semiconductor

After being economist, Jean-Philippe DAUVIN joined the Information and Economic Forecasts of Saint Gobain Group. Then, he joined the Strategy Tean of Thomson Group. When SGS-Thomson created its own university, he has been promoted as Vice President in charge of Education and Knowledge.

He has been elected first European President, then President of Word Semiconductor Trade Statistics. Jean-Philippe DAUVIN is the author of three books: Semiconductors, The Future of the European Industry of Semiconductors, Electronic Components and their industry.

Jean-Philippe DAUVIN is Professor at SUPELEC Engineering School, and expert to United Nations for Industrial Development Organization. He is also President of the Economic Commission of Electric Industrial Association and member of the scientific orientation committee of Ecole des Mines Engineering School.

Denis GRIOT is Senior Vice President and General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa Region (EMEA) for Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Denis GRIOT joined Freescale in 1984 as director of operations for the Logic Analog and Intelligent Power Systems Division of Freescale in Europe. Before that, he served as director of Analog Integrated Circuits European operations.

In 1988, he was appointed vice president and director of wafer manufacturing. Most recently, he was instrumental in the creation and management of Crolles2 Alliance, which represents an unprecedented business model for research and development in the semiconductor industry.

In 1997, prior to his current role, Denis GRIOT managed the only Freescale semiconductor division headquartered outside the United States. Based in Toulouse, France, he led the Transportation Systems Group's Body Electronics and Occupant Safety division. This division ranks as the world's No. 1 producer of embedded solutions to the body electronics and occupant safety market. One year later, in 1998, he was appointed corporate vice president.

Before joining Freescale, Denis GRIOT spent 14 years with Philips Corporation.

Denis GRIOT holds five semiconductor patents and earned the Semiconductor International Award in 1984 for outstanding achievements in process engineering for semiconductor manufacturing. He earned master's degrees in solid-state physics and nuclear physics respectively from INSEA Lyon and Grenoble IT, France.
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