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Grenoble INP receives a prize at the ingénieuses’14 day

Published on July 16, 2014
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Communique June 12, 2014

Grenoble INP was awarded a prize at the Ingénieuses’14 ceremony attended by Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for Higher education and Research held on June 12 in Paris, France. The ceremony was chaired by Christian Lerminiaux, President of the CDEFI, and sponsored by Marie-Sophie Pawlak, President of the Elles bougent association.

On 12 June 2014, Grenoble INP received a prize for its Femme ingénieurE (female engineers) day, held for the second time on 20 March 2014, and which brought together students and teachers (both male and female) as well as institutions and businesses to analyse the place of female engineers in the business world.

“This award stems from a deliberate action by our institution to encourage young women to not be afraid to study engineering
, stated Brigitte Plateau, president of Grenoble INP. Did you know that only 25% of Europeans are able to name one female scientist? This situation has to change and that is what we are working towards.”

Incidentally, Grenoble INP has appointed a “gender equity” officer, Isabelle Schanen, who is also director of the Grenoble INP Preparatory Class.

The prize was awarded to Anne-Hermine Allain, 3rd-year student at Grenoble INP – Ensimag, who was amongst the six winners selected for “the female engineer of the year” award, which honours a female student whose academic record is an example for younger generations. Anne-Hermine is currently pursuing a course centred on artificial intelligence, neurosciences, imagery and computer graphics at the Imperial College in London  within the context of an Erasmus exchange program.

During her school career, she has actively taken part in many actions in favour of promoting scientific studies, especially for girls. She is also an active member of the “Women in Computing” and “Women in Science, Engineering and Technology” associations at the London Imperial College.
 CDEFI promotes gender equality

In 2011, true to its commitment to promote gender equality in engineering studies, the Training and Society Commission of the CDEFI (Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools) created the “Ingénieuses” female engineers initiative. For the past three years, this approach has been centred on highlighting, through an online communication operation, the many measures taken by engineering schools to promote engineering courses and jobs for women and thereby give voice to the original educational and recreational projects placing females at the heart of debates and concerns. “CDEFI’s commitment to diversity, equality and professional integration is part of its most fundamental representative missions. Through this campaign, we would like to raise the profile of the initiatives taken by the schools and increase the awareness of institutions to the very active role that they must play in favour of diversity and the opening up of their curriculum,” stated Christian Lerminiaux, President of CDEFI, who chaired the ceremony. With 42 projects presented, Ingénieuses’14 was a very big success.

Programme of the 12 June 2014 ceremony

Venue: Amphithéâtre Tisserand and Salle du Centenaire, Agro ParisTech, 5th arrondissement, Paris

    3.15 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. : Opening by Mr C. Lerminiaux, President of CDEFI
·    3.30 p.m. – 3.50 p.m. : Address by G. Fioraso, Secretary of State responsible for Higher education and Research
·    3.50 p.m. – 4.45 p.m. : Round table discussion
·    4.45 p.m. – 5.20 p.m. : Presentation of the prizes
·    5.20 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. : Closing by M-S Pawlak, President of Elles bougent
·    5.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. : Cocktail

Round table discussion: Learning and teaching equality
Led by: Mr Jean-Marie Chesneaux, Vice-president of CDEFI and Director of Polytech Paris-UPMC
·    Mrs Fanny Lignon, lecturer at Université Lyon I and specialist in male and female representations in the digital world
·    Mrs Carmen Gordon-Nogales, teacher at Télécom SudParis and Télécom Ecole de Management
·    Mrs Sylvie Kipen-Rivenc, equality officer at Polytech Paris-UPMC
·    Mr Patrick Bacry, gender equality officer, Créteil education board

Presentation of the prizes:
    Prize for the most involved school presented by: Mr Christian Lerminiaux, President of CDEFI
·    Prize for the most original project presented by: Mr Christian Colmant, General Manager of Pasc@line
·    Prize for the winner of the Facebook contest presented by: Mrs Nelly Rouyres, Vice-President of ESILV and treasurer of Pasc@line
·    Prize for the female engineering pupil presented by: Mr Patrice Vieyra, Corporate  secretary of BNEI and Mrs Lucile Belisaire, President of BREI Ile-de-France
·    Prize for the female engineer presented by: Mrs Sophie Commereuc, Director of ENSCCF

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Date of update July 17, 2014

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