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Grenoble IAE awarded the accreditation for Management degree

Published on June 11, 2020
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Grenoble IAE-Graduate School of Management, a Grenoble INP school- UGA, has been awarded the international EPAS* accreditation for its Management degree. This international accreditation awarded by the EFMD** marks an important milestone in the internationalization work undertaken by the school over the past few years.

accreditation iae

accreditation iae

Grenoble IAE's degree is currently the only university Management degree in France that is EFMD-EPAS accredited. Grenoble IAE thus joins the select circle of French University Management Schools with an international accreditation.

The international EPAS accreditation is awarded by the EFMD after a 3-year process culminating in a self-assessment report and an international peer review. The EPAS accreditation guarantees that the program is of the highest international quality: that it clearly defines its learning goals and implements a "student experience" with a strong emphasis on an international dimension, business, ethics and social responsibility.

Among the 35 French University Management Schools that are members of the IAE France network, Grenoble IAE is now the 6th IAE to obtain this accreditation for one of its programs, and the only IAE in France to offer an EFMD-EPAS accredited university degree in Management.

"While Grenoble IAE embodies the values common to French business schools, namely academic rigor, strong graduate employability, and social accessibility, our school stands out by offering a range of programs focusing on expertise, the international dimension, innovation, and collective intelligence.

International accreditations are a lever for progress and a guarantee of the quality of our practices, particularly in line with the strategy of Grenoble INP Institut d'Ingénierie et de Management, our new establishment, within the new Université Grenoble Alpes.

This international accreditation will have several knock-on effects. It will enable us to strengthen our overall recruiting criteria in France, but also to attract more international students and strengthen our portfolio of international partners. The award of this accreditation for our degree also encourages us to continue working towards the second international accreditation for the whole school: AACSB.

By applying for our now-accredited Management degree, our future students are assured of an internationally oriented education offering the highest standards of quality and the best possible preparation for their Master's studies and the current challenges of organizational management. »

*EPAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System)
**EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).



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The EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) is the largest European strategic audit and accreditation agency. It awards several accreditations to various management and management-related bodies, including two to management schools (EQUIS and EPAS). EPAS: created in 2005, this accreditation guarantees internationally oriented high quality education. The place and positioning of the program within the school, and at national and international levels, its resources, the quality of its teachers, the program's structure, its learning goals, its international dimension, the quality of its teaching, the reliability and rigor of its evaluation procedures, the quality of its students and alumni and their career progression
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Date of update June 11, 2020

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