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Innovation and Business

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Finding the appropriate working relationship

Updated on February 9, 2014
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Cooperation can take various forms, and INPG ENTREPRISE SA can help you by providing interface between business and research, all the way through to contract execution.

Logo INPG Entreprise SA - IESA

Logo INPG Entreprise SA - IESA

  • Research agreement: When seeking new solutions to new problems, INPG ENTREPRISE SA can help you find an Grenoble INP research team with the appropriate specialties in order to launch a scientific joint venture. This joint venture will include team staff and their scientific environment. Examples may be product or process improvements, industrial adaptations of a technique, new product, process or software development.
  • One-off contract work: A research team may lend its skills in an industrial setting related to its area of expertise, without however needing to research advanced solutions (state of the art or consultancy). The services will make use of the researcher's knowledge and skills within their own laboratory (using their technical facilities, platforms and specialized equipment).
  • Consultancy:  This is an advice service provided by an experienced researcher in a given area, at a company's request.  A contract will be drawn up to set forth the specific terms and conditions for work.  A confidential report is often submitted at the end
Young engineers or graduates can also be placed with the company, under various different schemes.
  • Supervised final project: a third year engineering student will assist an expert over a 4 to 6 months placement.
  • Technological research diploma (DRT): an 18-month post-graduate applied research project. The young engineer will be supervised by a research/teaching fellow, supported by a research laboratory.
  • Thesis: Research carried out on behalf of a company over a 3-year period, alongside a host laboratory, leading to a doctorate. Public funding can be applied for to cover the doctoral student's salary throughout the duration.
Le cas échéant, l'entreprise peut bénéficier  d'aides spécifiques pour l'embauche ultérieure de ces jeunes ingénieurs/docteurs.

Companies may also receive specific government assistance in subsequently hiring these young engineers/postdocs.
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Date of update February 9, 2014

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