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Innovation and Business
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Innovation and Business
Innovation and Business

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Engineers, serving industry and the society

We in the Alps region have a great number of assets such as our dynamic manufacturing companies, internationally recognised research laboratories and renowned higher education training and as such we represent the ideal breeding ground on which the “Grenoble ecosystem” has blossomed centred on the three fold research - university - industry focus. I would like to play a part in enhancing the competitiveness of our region by constantly seeking to foster the local synergy between industry and the university world without losing sight of the playing field that is the World! We have to think globally when we act locally.

Let us not forget the central role of engineering schools, the facilitators of society’s access to technology, essential players in training and research in the process of reindustrialisation in France. Engineers are the cornerstone of the innovation process and an indispensible component in the development of our industry. This was true in the past, it is still the case today and it will be even more so in the future with the increasingly influential role that services stemming from cutting-edge technologies currently play in our lives

Therefore, the Grenoble INP group must demonstrate agility in adapting to the changing world and training engineers and PhD holders suited to the requirements of our industry and our society. Accordingly, it must be a first level contributor in building a strong university and research system in Grenoble. Our collective goal is to continue implementing the proven, unique and dynamic development policy that is at the heart of our success. The Board of Directors that I am honoured to chair must guide the decision makers of the Grenoble INP group in its quest to meet the challenge of innovation.

Gérard Matheron, director of the STMicroelelectronics advanced research and production site in Crolles and President of the Grenoble INP Board of Directors.

Date of update May 26, 2014

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