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Nanofunctional materials

Field of study: Nanotechnologies

Level: Bachelor

Objective of the course/learning outcomes:
Carbon (C)-based functional nanomaterials has attracted a great deal of interests due to their unique combinations of chemical and physical properties, e.g., excellent mechanical strength, super-low friction and elastic, exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity and stability, as well as bio-compatibility. Extensive research efforts are being made in recent years to utilize these materials for various industrial applications and market products. This lecture will thus give an introduction on this growing area of materials science and nanotechnology, with an attempt to provide students the connection from the fundamental science, synthesis methods, to some technological applications of those specific carbon-based nanomaterials in the real world, in order to be able to answer the question of why, when, and how are we going to use this nano-C stuff?

I Physics and chemistry fundamentals of carbon-based nanomaterials
- Electrons in a microscopic system and electronic bands
- Atomic nature of carbon and orbital hybridizations
- 2D-structured C-materials – Graphene sheets
- 1D-structured C-materials – Carbon nanotubes
- 0D-structured C-materials – Fullerene molecules

II Synthesis techniques of carbon-based nanomaterials
- Techniques to produce graphene
- Techniques to produce carbon nanotubes
- Techniques to produce fullerenes

III Applications of carbon-based nanomaterials
- Applications in electronics and photonics
- Applications in sensor technologies
- Applications in energy technologies
- Applications in mechanical engineering
- Future outlook

Lecture/contact hours: 6 hours of lecture

Teaching language: English

Detailed examination modalities: written exam

Instructor: Prof. Wei-Xin Ni
Department: Linköpings Universitet & Institutionen för Fysik, Kemi och Biologi (IFM)
Phone: +46 13 28 2474

Date of update April 7, 2021

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