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Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble - MoSIG

Université Joseph Fourier / Grenoble INP-Ensimag
International Master program

All courses are taught in English

The Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble offers to all students, regardless of country of origin, access to world-class graduate training in areas of informatics where the scientific research community in Grenoble is particularly strong.
MoSIG is a highly competitive, two-year European Standard (LMD) graduate program offering training in the areas of :
• Artificial Intelligence and the Web
• Parallel Distributed and Embedded Systems
• Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems
• Graphics, Vision and Robotics
• Advanced Information Systems & Software Engineering

Academic Program
The academic program is a two year, European Standard, English language, Masters Program (120 ECTS) that combines three semesters of course and laboratory work (90 ECTS) with a six month individual research project (30 ECTS).
The first semester is composed of a common core curriculum of fundamental courses in Informatics. During the second semester, students have an opportunity to choose a selection of introductory courses to different sub-domains. During the third semester, students follow an advanced academic program in one of the five areas of specialization. The fourth semester is devoted to the masters research project, conducted under the direction of an academic supervisor within one of the research teams associated with the program.

First Semester

The first semester is a 12 week (September-January) program designed to ensure competence in foundational areas of Informatics.
Students are required to follow 24 ECTS from the following courses:
- Principles of Operating Systems
- Mathematics for Computer Science
- Software Engineering
- Programming Languages and Compiler Design
- Algorithms and Program Design
- Image and Signal Processing

And 6 ECTS of non-elective courses:
English and/or French language training (3

Programming Project (3 ECTS)

Second Semester
The second semester is composed of a 12 week (February-May) academic program, followed by participation in a 4-week internship in a research group (June).
The academic program combines advanced work on fundamental topics as well as introduction to more specialized subjects.

Students should select 21 ECTS from the following courses:
- Data base Foundations
- Adaptive Computing Systems
- Computer Networks Principles
- Intelligent Systems: Reasoning and Recognition
- 3D Graphics
- Introduction ro Robotics and Perception
- Introduction to Cryptology and Coding
- Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
- Introduction to Distributed Systems
- Introduction to Image Analysis
- The laboratory internship is worth 6 ECTS credits.
- The program also includes a course of technical writing and speaking (English or French) course of 3 ECTS credits.

Third Semester

The third semester (first semester of the second year, September-January) is composed of a 12 week academic program wich includes 30 ECTS credits from one of the specialized programs.

Artificial Intelligence and the Web
Parallel ,Distributed and Embedded Systems
Graphics, Vision and Robotics
Ubiquitous and Interactive Systems
Advanced Information Systems & Software Engineering

Master Project

The final semester is devoted to an individual research project conducted at a local research, under the supervision of the academic supervisor.

The research projectrequires an original solution to a problem situated within an existing scientific domain.

Continuation for doctoral studies requires demonstration of aptitude for scientific research.

Who should apply ?
  • To be admitted to the program, candidates must have previouslycompleted their undergraduate studies and been awarded aBachelor degree in either Science (BSc) or Engineering (BEng)that includes courses in computing and solid practice in programming.
  • Applications of candidates with bachelor of science in Computer Science or Computer Engineering will be preferably considered. It is possible to enter either in the first year of the program (Master1), or directly in the second year (Master 2), depending on the academic background of the student.
  • Selection on:
    • the basis of prior academic and/or scientific achievement as documented by academic transcripts,
    • completed on-line application form,
    • a motivational essay
    • letters of recommendation
    • standardized test scores for English language competence (B1 level required),
This requirement is waived for applicants from English speaking countries as welle as applicants whose previous degree is from a program taught in English.

Tuition and fees: Approximately 500 Euro /Year
Note that tution fees are highly subsidized by the French Governement.

Date of update February 17, 2014

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