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International_EN: The EIFFEL scholarships

To clarify and simplify procedures, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has decided to combine in a single call for proposal both scholarship programs EIFFEL Master and EIFFEL Doctorate. Hence, the following may be funded:

  • Either a Masters level program
  • Or a 10 month maximum mobility within the framework of a Doctorate degree (co-tutored or dual diploma) (second or third year)

To be selected the following criteria will be reviewed:

  • The Excellent level of the candidate
  • The international policy of the school (in particular in terms of actions led in the geographical areas under consideration)
  • The cooperation policy of the Ministry as far as the geographical priorities for this program: emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, new European member States and for the doctorate level, industrialized countries.
  • Students who plan on pursuing in Research or Teaching cannot apply for the Masters program.Students who are currently studying abroad will be considered before students already residing in France.

Non-eligible applications:

  • Candidates who already have a scholarship from the French government at the time of application.
  • Previously unsuccessful candidates.
  • Students who apply directly or through a foreign school.
  • Students who apply through more than one French school.

The following procedure must be followed:

The applicants will need to provide the following documents to their coordinator at the Grenoble Institute of Technology:

- For a Master EIFFEL application: a CV (1 to 2 pages), a professional project (1 to 2 pages), a transcript of grades for the past three years and a photocopy of their passport.

- For a Doctorate EIFFEL application: a CV (1 to 2 pages), a professional project (1 to 2 pages), a thesis project (1 to 5 pages), a co-tutoring agreement or a dual-diploma agreement and a photocopy of their passport.

Recall that direct applications by students are not possible and therefore all applications must be sent to the school or to the Grenoble Institute of Technology laboratory by December 2012.

After the Institute has reviewed all files, they will be transferred to EGIDE by January 2013. Results will be published on March 2013.

Date of update September 5, 2012

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