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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ concerning application as an exchange student

Updated on February 17, 2020
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1/ Last degree obtained

If the last degree you obtained is the High school diploma, please send a certificate mentioning the degree you are currently working on (dates, major, award date).

2/ Statement of purpose

is a motivation letter or a cover letter, preferably written in French.

3/ Support letter

is a recommandation letter from one of your professors.

4/ Past program

All courses you followed at your university (name, credits, short description).   

5/ Transcripts of records

Please submit official academic transcripts from your home university for all university studies.

6/ Academic year

The academic year is divided into two semesters, the first one starts at the beginning of September until the end of January and the second one stretches from January till the end of June. The start and end dates of classes are different from one school to another and depend on the level at which you enter the Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management schools. Please refer to your host school to know exactly when you begin.

  • Semester 5 (fall semester) and 6 (spring semester) correspond to the 1st year of studies ( last year of  undergraduate level) 
  • Semester 7 (fall semester) and 8 (spring semester) correspond to the 2nd year of studies (equivalent to graduate level) 
  • Semester 9 (fall semester) corresponds to the 3rd year of studies (equivalent to graduate level)
  • Semester 10 is devoted to the Master Thesis which lasts a minimum of 5 months. In order to avoid timetable clashes, you are encouraged to select courses /projects from one single year of study, and one single specialization 

7/ School registration

The Grenoble INP schools are spread over different campuses. Grenoble - Esisar is our school located in Valence: 100km from Grenoble. We stronlgy encourage you to select all your courses in only one school, to avoid timetable conflict due to the distance in-between schools. If you manage to follow courses in two different schools, you must request permission from the school where you take the majority of your courses.

8/ Letter of acceptance

If you are accepted as an exchange student at Grenoble Institute of engineering and management, you will receive a letter of acceptance by mid June for the first semester or mid December for the second semester. This is a formal decision from the committee of the school which has reviewed your application form. It is very important that you bring it along when coming to France.

9/ Learning agreement

In order to fill out the learning agreement, please check the updated list at the following address.

  • Some masters courses are not open for exchange students. If you have trouble researching a course selection you want to take, please check with the school to which you are applying in order to ensure there is no schedule overlap and in the meantime to check the prerequisites to successfully complete your file.
  • For students who apply to Grenoble INP - Phelma, please take in consideration that some lab sessions are not opened to exchange students so that it is nearly impossible to obtain 30 ECTS credits in one semester.

10/ Language requirement

The exchange program guidelines establish that you must have sufficient knowledge of the French language. To attest your level in French and/or English, you must provide either an official test, a certificate from a language instructor stating the CECR level equivalence.

  • For basic exchange students:
    • classes taught in French: B1 level is recommended, according to the CECR
    • classes taught in English: A2 level is recommended
    • the Grenoble INP - Ense3 school recommends a B1 level for the Hydraulics, Civil & Environmental engineering specialization and the Energy Systems & Associated markets specialization
    • the Grenoble INP - Phelma school recommends a B1 level at least in the language of instruction of the specialization or the master
  • For dual diplomas​​​​​​​
    • for the program taught in French: B1 level according to the CECR in French and English is recommended. Students must validate the B2 level in English at the end of the program.
    • for the program taught in English: ​​​​​​​B1 level in English is recommended. Students must validate the B2 level in English at the end of the program.


11/ Online housing form

In order to be considered the following items must be correctly filled out:
  • ​​​​​​​arrival date, departure date (please inform ASAP the housing service if there are changes a bit later in dates)
  • entrance semester (1st semester or 2nd semester)

For academic issues (courses, timetable, study program, etc.): please contact the International Faculty Advisor of the department you applied for.

For administrative issues, please contact:

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Date of update February 17, 2020

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