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Demand response programs

Level: Bachelor

Objective of the course/learning outcomes: Understand how to change power consumption of household customers and efficiency of demand response programs

Themes covered:
- Demand response programs aim to alter the timing or the total electricity consumption. A wide range of mechanisms can be used to provide incentives for such changes: electricity pricing, information reporting, nudges...
- Smart grid applications, providing real time data on consumption, offer new opportunities for demand response management.
- From the results obtained from field experiments with household customers, the course aim to compare the efficiency of different mechanisms for demand response

Lecture/contact hours: 2 hours

Teaching language: English

Detailed examination modalities: MCQ

Instructor: Stéphane Robin
Department: Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble Applied Economics Lab

Ginsen Smart Energy option is sponsored by Persyval Lab 

Date of update March 22, 2021

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