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Why study nanotechnologies at Phelma-Minatec?

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Why study nanotechnologies at Phelma-Minatec?


Nanotechnology is an emergent area of science and technology that is developing quickly.
It studies and exploits the unique properties of matter at a scale of approximately 1-100 nanometers.

Nanotechnology is widely seen to offer huge potential for development in fields as diverse as healthcare, Information Technology and energy. Governments and businesses across the world have begun to invest heavily in it.
Grenoble is one of the biggest centres in Europe active in this area, with outstanding expertises in several aspects of Nanotechnology, involving Condensed Matter Physics, Integrated circuits or material sciences.
The Grenoble Institute of Technology Summer Program in Nanotechnology will take advantage of this expertise, covering several fundamental aspects (from physics to nano-bio-sciences) and applications (from electronics to materials sciences) of this exciting domain.
In addition to conventional lectures, students will have access to practical labs (most of them in Clean rooms) where they will have a hands-on experience in Nanotechnology and in developping and testing a photovoltaic solar cell.

This summer program is an excellent introduction to the diversity of this promising area for students with a Bachelor level in fundamental or applied Physics.
Finally, this summer program will also include an appealing  social program, to discover the lively city of Grenoble, Capital of the French Alps, and to promote international cultural exchanges.

Academic contact: Clemens WINKELMANN
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Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update November 16, 2015

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