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Innovation and Business

Institut polytechnique de Grenoble

Grenoble Institute of Technology
Innovation and Business

Partnership Research and Development

  • Published on 25/04/2017
    Staying competitive in our increasingly globalized world means staying innovative. Behind-the-scenes research work is the driving force for new technology and new processes.If you are looking to develop your R&D and need to find specialists in your sector... look no further!


  • Published on 09/02/2014
    INPG ENTREPRISE SA draws on Grenoble INP's scientific and technological expertise, in order to support innovative businesses.
  • Published on 09/02/2014
    Cooperation can take various forms, and INPG ENTREPRISE SA can help you by providing interface between business and research, all the way through to contract execution.

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update February 6, 2008

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