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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Composition of the team

Brigitte Plateau, élue Administrateur général de Grenoble INP (vBrigitte Plateau,

Pierre Benech
Directors board, Strategy, Finance and building projects vice-president
Mireille Jacomino
Board of Studies and University Life vice-president
Frédéric Dufour
Scientific board
and research

Jeanne Duvallet
International relations

Ioannis Parissis
Human resources vice-president

jean-francois beteau
Jean-François Béteau
Sustainable development and social action vice-president

Michel Desvignes
Informations systems and digital vice-president

Gaëlle Calvary
Deputy vice-president to the scientific board in charge of valorization

Francis Balestra
Deputy vice-president to the scientific board in charge of Europe

Lorena Anghel
Deputy vice-president in charge of business cooperation

Fanny Poinsotte
Deputy vice-president in charge of student life

the 3 boards

Define and orient politics
In accordance with the law, Grenoble INP has three boards which manage and set its educational and scientific policies and allocate the financial and human resources required to implement these policies. Each board has a specific role laid out in the French education code and in Grenoble Institute of Technology's statutes.


A variety of departments
Presidency team is completed by mission heads, who work on precise subjects and are working closely with the institutions' departments under the supervision of vice-presidents.

Written by Helene Deschamps

Date of update June 21, 2017

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