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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Grenoble Institute of Technology
Innovating for a Sustainable Future


  • Published on 09/02/2014
    Brigitte Plateau was appointed President of Grenoble Institute of Technology on Monday, February 20, 2012 by the Institute’s three newly-formed boards (the Board of Directors, the Scientific Board, and the Academic Affairs and Campus Life Board). She succeeds Paul Jacquet for a term beginning on February 28, 2012.


  • Published on 07/04/2015
    Grenoble Institute of Technology is a public sector technology university with over 4 800 students and 1,100 teaching and research fellows, admin and technical staff. Over 1,170 engineering masters, 330 research masters and 738 doctorates are awarded each year, as well as around a hundred internal qualifications.


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  • Published on 24/04/2017
    The story began in the winter of 1892 when a young lecturer called Paul JANET launched the first public industrial electricity lecture in Grenoble. A few months later, after a very warm reception, several leading local industrialists and aristocrats pushed the science faculty to permanently establish an Electrical Engineering Institute in Grenoble...

Great projects

Les nanotechnologies
  • Published on 20/04/2017
    The MINATEC micro and nanotechnologies innovation campus was founded by Grenoble Institute of Technology and CEA Grenoble on January 18, 2002, with support from the State and local government authorities. It works to bring together major organizations in the Grenoble area working in micro and nanotechnology development.
  • Published on 05/02/2008
    The world of energy is changing, within increasingly competitive markets, soaring oil prices and the environmental issues around global warming. To meet these challengers Grenoble Institute of Technology decided to set up the PREDIS centre on November 15, 2004 to promote innovation, training and experiments on energy distribution.
  • Published on 13/02/2017
    Minalogic is a global innovation cluster for digital technologies serving France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The cluster supports the region’s leading innovators by facilitating networking, fostering collaborative R&D, and providing companies with personalized assistance throughout all phases of business growth. The products and services developed by our members address all industries, from ICT and healthcare to energy and advanced manufacturing.
  • Published on 05/02/2008
    The aim of the TENERRDIS cluster (industrial and research cluster for renewable energies in Rhône-Alpes region and for the development of new energetical technologies) is to promote research and business spin-offs in new energy technology. The long-term goal is to provide France with efficient renewable energy to meet the growing worldwide energy consumption needs, without contributing to the greenhouse effect.


Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update February 11, 2014

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