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Grenoble Institute of Technology

Partnerships and networks

Grenoble Institute of Technolgy and its partners

Grenoble Institute of Technology has more than 380 bilateral agreements with partner universities all over the world.

For Erasmus agreements, please contact the International Office of the respective engineering schools of the group.


International Laboratories

International Networks

Grenoble Institute of Technology is a member of the Conference of European Schools office for Advanced Engineering education and Research (CESAER).

Grenoble Institute of Technology is part of a network of excellence made up of 12 leading European universities in Science and Technology (7 of which are considered to be part of the top 100 world universities in Science and Technology).
Our international policy in Education and European mobility is mainly based on the CLUSTER Network.
Grenoble Institute of Technology was a founding member of the French-Chinese Institute for Nuclear Energy and Technology. This institute is located on campus at the Sun Yat-Sen University and trains a 100 engineers per year "à la française".

ORA is a study abroad program meant for Ontario and Rhône-Alpes student exchanges. 15 universities from Ontario and 12 from the Rhône-Alpes region (Grenoble, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Chambéry) participate in this program.
The Program for Engineering courses of Excellence in Vietnam, for which Grenoble INP is a founding member, is composed of 3 Vietnamese Engineering schools  (Hanoï, Hô Chi Minh and Danang) and 8 French higher education institutes. It is a 5 year program and trains over 200 students per year. It has a strong partnership with MICA (International lab in Hanoi).

The Network of Excellence in Engineering Sciences of the French-speaking Community (RESCIF) was created in 2010 at EPFL's initiative, with the support of the Swiss authorities. RESCIF network comprises 14 French-language universities in 11 diffrerent countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas and is focused on the fundamental issues: water, energy and nutrition.

Rede Magalhães is an European, Latin America and Caribbean Universities consortium created to promote and support the graduate students exchange between that universities (mobility program SMILE - Student Mobility in Latin America, Caribbean and Europe).
Based on the successful experience of the EU Erasmus-Socrates program and at the same time following recommendations from the ALCUE initiative between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, a number of leading European and LA&C universities in the fields of engineering and architecture have started this cooperation network.
We also share common interests with projects like MENTE (Magalhães Enhancing New Topics in Engineering).

Written by Xavier Oster

Date of update July 19, 2016

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