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Les programmes Erasmus Mundus


Erasmus Mundus (2009-2013) is a European label of excellence which fosters co-operation and mobility programme in the field of Higher Education. It aims at enhancing the quality of European Higher Education and promoting cooperation with third countries.

For more details see European Commission Agency website

Erasmus Mundus - Action 1 programmes

EM Action 1 at Grenoble INP:
  • EM Master course: FAME Master (Functionalized Advanced Materials and Engineering).
  • EM Joint Doctorates Programme: IDS-FunMat (International Doctoral School in Functional Materials for Energy, Information Technology and Health).

Erasmus Mundus- Action 2 partnerships

These are exchange programmes for the mobility of:

  • students from undergraduates to post-doctorates
  • academic staff
EM Action 2 projects at Grenoble INP:
Mobilities as of 2012:
  • With Argentina: ARCOIRIS project  > See Website
  • With Asia: AREAS project > See Website
Before 2011:


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