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Donner vie aux connaissances scientifiques
Donner vie aux connaissances scientifiques

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Laboratories of Excellence (LabEx)

The LabEx program is a financing instrument of the French government’s economic stimulus package. LabEx-certified research centers must conduct high-level scientific research and implement policies that integrate research, education, and technology transfer. They must also actively disseminate the results of their research. The LabEx program aims to raise the international profile of the laboratories involved so that they can attract top international talent.

AMIES Agency for Mathematics in Interaction with Businesses and Society
CAMI Computer-Assisted Medical Interventions and Surgery
CEMAM Center for Excellence in Multi-functional Architectured Materials
LANEF Laboratory for Nanoscience-Energy of the Future Alliances
MINOS MINATEC Laboratory for Miniaturization in Nanoelectronics
OSUG@2020 Innovative Strategies for Observing and Modelling Natural Systems
GANEX National Network for GaN and New Semiconductor Materials
PERSYVAL-Lab Pervasive Systems and Algorithms at the Intersection of the Physical and Digital Worlds
TEC 21 Complexity Engineering: Mechanical Engineering and its Interfaces for Society’s 21st-Century Challenges

Date of update April 19, 2018

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