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Annuaire des personnels

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Annuaire des personnels

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Postdoctoral fellow in the group EIP (subgroup: Physicochimie & procédés pour le recyclage et la valorisation).


LEPMI/ Phelma campus 1103 Rue de la piscine, 38400, Saint-martin-d'Heres

  • Tél. : +33 769593995

Site internet : http://

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Metal ion separation from end-to-life Nickel-MetalHydride (Ni-MH) batteries using aqueous biphasic systems (ABS)

The BatRE ARES project funded by ERA-MIN network deals with the recycling of metal ions from Ni-MH batteries. Ni-MH batteries have replaced Ni-Cd batteries in various consumer electronics and are being using in electric and hybrid cars. These batteries use a mixture of rare-earth elements along with transition metals in the netalhydride part of the battery. Lanthanides are also called as rare-earths due to the difficulties in their extraction from the earth's crust. In this context, recycling and reusing of rare-earths is not only economical but also environment -firendly. 

The aim of this project is to separate and recover metal ions from the Ni-MH batteries using green methods. One such green method is an aqueous biphasic system, where the two immiscible phases are aqueous phases. Such a system doesn't involve in using the volatile organic solvents. Ionic liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems are being studied extensively for their use as an extraction medium.

Our work involves in the leaching of batteries, followed by the extraction and separation of metal ions. The last step is to recover the extracted metal ions and make them viable for reuse. The next step would be to validate this extraction process for them to be used in industrial processes.

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