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InnoEnergy is one of the three KICs (together with EIT Digital labs and Climate-KIC) created under the leadership of the EIT.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is a body of the European Union, that aims to enhance Europe’s ability to innovate, supporting the fully integration of the three sides of the Knowledge Triangle : higher education, research and business.

In the area of education, they support the development of partnerships between different universities, companies and research centres that collaborate closely and offer double degrees, international mobility experiences, as well as applied innovation and entrepreneurship education.

Grenoble INP is an active member of InnoEnergy as the coordinating institution for the master EMINE - Innovation in Nuclear Energy - a new approach of nuclear training - and a partner institute for the MSc Smartcities, Sense and Entech.

Grenoble INP is also involved in several innovation projects where industrials and research centers work closely together in developing innovative technologies leading to new products and services.

Written by Pauline Tardy Galliard

Date of update March 19, 2018

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