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Each issue of Grenoble IN'Press includes a research or education based focus on what's happening at Grenoble INP. Digital version received by e-mail also include news about our institution.

Grenoble IN'Press has been interrupted since June 2018.
Find all the publications below.


Last newspaper:
MaiMoSine models industrial problematics

Letter n°33 - June 2018

Interacting with machines
Letter n°32 - February 2018
Exploring the World of Material Sciences
Letter n°30 - June 2017
Industry of the future
Letter n°29 - April 2017
Matériaux intelligents?
Letter n°28 - February 2017
(French only)
What does the Future holds for microelectronics industry ?
Letter n°27 - October 2016

Physics in the Service of Life Sciences
Letter n°26 - July 2016
Overcoming the Challenges of Cybersecurity
Letter n°25 - June 2016
Welcoming Robots Into our Daily Lives
Letter n°24 - February 2016
Climate: we Must Take Action!
Letter n°23 - novembre 2015
Coriolis décrypte les courants océaniques et atmosphériques
Letter n°22 - September 2015
(French only)
Dealing with Natural and Technological Risks
Letter n°21 - June 2015

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Préserver les ressources pour préserver notre avenir
Letter n°20 - March 2015
(French only)
Donner vie aux idées d'entreprise
Letter n°19 - February2015
(French only)
Hydroelectricity: an Energy of the Future
Letter n°18 - November 2014
Welcome to the Age of Communicating Objects
Letter n°17 - October 2014
Towards Biobased Chemistry
Letter n°16 - July 2014
La santé en ligne de mire
Letter n°15 - May 2014
(French only)
Inventing the Materials of the Future at Grenoble INP
Letter n°14 - March 2014
Ateliers intelligents de l'industrie
Letter n°13 - February2014
(French only)
Focus on Smart Housing Solutions
Letter n°12 - December 2013
Grenoble INP au coeur de l'EcoCité grenobloise
Letter n°11 - October 2013
(French only)

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L'identité Grenoble INP dans la presse
Letter n°10 - September 2013
(French only)
Grenoble INP et les entreprises : plus de 100 ans de partenariats
Letter n°9 - July 2013
(French only)
Développer le plaisir d'apprendre par l'action
Letter n°8 - May 2013
(French only)
Preparing for the Future of the Nuclear Industry
Letter n°7 - April 2013
Eco-design: a Concept Adopted by the World of Business
Letter n°6 - February 2013
Le bel avenir des diplômés de Grenoble INP
Letter n°5 - December 2012
(French only)
Des chercheurs très distingués
Letter n°4 - November 2012
(French only)
The Smart Grid Revolution is on the Way
Letter n°3 - October 2012
Etudes d'ingénieur : une chance pour tous
Letter n°2 - July 2012
(French only)
Les Fab Labs débarquent à Grenoble
Letter n°1 - June 2012
(French only)

Date of update January 17, 2019

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