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  • Published on 09/02/2014
    Grenoble has always been at the forefront of development in energy technologies, starting with hydroelectric power. Research in this strategic area needs to offer solutions that take society's concerns into account. Grenoble Institute of Technology's laboratories carry out work in a thriving industrial setting, supported by ambitious regional and national policies.
  • Published on 09/02/2014
    Grenoble Institute of Technology's environmental research is based on engineering science at work in experiments and modeling, focusing on natural environments (pollution management and treatment, natural hazards and vulnerability, impacts of climate change, etc.) and on industrial environmental issues (clean processes, sustainability and recycling, renewable energies, etc.).
  • Published on 09/02/2014
    We live in an age of information. The Information and Communication cluster, of which Grenoble Institute of Technology is a part, is one of the largest research clusters in Grenoble.
  • Published on 25/04/2017
    Grenoble Institute of Technology is a world-renowned player in the area of materials and process engineering. Its research particularly focuses on metallurgy, polymers, paper, crystals, ceramics, thin films and composites.
  • Published on 25/04/2017
    Micro and nanotechnologies are a major research focus in Grenoble. Development has been rapid since Minatec was established, co-founded by Grenoble Institute of Technology and the CEA.
  • Published on 09/02/2014
    New product design must these days consider the full life cycle from manufacturing to maintenance, transport and even disposal and recycling. Not an easy task, but Grenoble Institute of Technology's production systems research aims to provide industrialists with the design tools they need.

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