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7 reasons to choose Ginsen

[legende-image]1383921791511[/legende-image]1. Internationally recognised education

Grenoble INP and its 6 engineering schools regularly make it to the top of international rankings. Ranking 1st French engineering school among top 100 most innovative European universities in 2018 by Reuters, Grenoble INP provides a world-class education, with recognised lecturers and the teaching quality of one of the best French engineering university.

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[legende-image]1383921791646[/legende-image]2. 15 years of experience 

With more than 15 years of experience in summer school organisation, you can trust Grenoble INP reliability and quality of short-course training. Enrolling in Ginsen ensures you to enjoy a top-notch education, supported by some of the best teachers in their fields, coming from all around the world.

Over 240 students have studied in our summer schools since 2010, with an average of 30 students per session. 

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89% of students enrolled in our last summer school session say
they would recommand Ginsen to their friends at home!

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[legende-image]1383921791517[/legende-image] 3. Cutting-edge research facilities

With many global science companies, and even more university-runned laboratories, research runs in the city's DNA. During your training, you will discover facilities such as the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) - the world's most intense X-ray source - and attend lab sessions in state-of-the-art facilities such as MinatecEurope's 1st campus for micro and nanotechnology research.

Grenoble INP jointly runs 39 labs worldwide, among which 27 are in Grenoble. More than enough to get your hands on high-end research equipment!

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'Exposure to different cutting-edge technologies is always fascinating and fun!'
(2018 Ginsen student)
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4. A vibrant city, at the heart of Europe[legende-image]1383921791512[/legende-image]

Discover Grenoble, a nice human-sized town in the heart of the French Alps, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and at the doorstep of Europe. Ranking best city in France for student life in 2016, Grenoble has plenty to offer during summertime.

Whether you like to hike and explore the mountains and lakes close by, or enjoy the city's cultural and historic life, there are many activities waiting for you here. Our campus has even been elected among the 10 most beautiful Universities in Europe (#8) by Time's Higher Education website last year. A must see!

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5. Create new friendships with people from all around the globe

Our summer school gathers an average of 11 nationalities per year, a number we wish to be the highest possible. Enrolling means meeting new people, and forging friendships with people coming from different cultures, backgrounds, and places.  

You will also have the opportunity to meet French students from the International Student Board, who will be by your side during the whole session: a fun way to learn some French
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'The summer school was a great opportunity for me to meet new people
and experience new culture all while learning content relevant to my degree'
(2018 Ginsen student)

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[legende-image]1383921791647[/legende-image]6. France at its best

Although Ginsen summer school's classes and labs are taught in English, spending a month in France implies to fully immerge in the French way of life!

The social programme includes lots of extracuricular activities, from wine and cheese tasting to guided visits to cities close by such as Lyon or Annecy.

You will discover Grenoble and its surroundings, the incredible view from the Bastille Fort, the city's many parks, and festivals going on during summer.

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7. Europe at your doorstep

From Grenoble, you can easily discover France: a train or bus ride will take you to south of France to see lavender fields of Provence or French riviera's wonderful beaches in 3 to 4 hours, or up north to reach Paris in 3,5 hours.

Grenoble is also an easy departure point for most European countries: only 2,5 hours away from Geneva, Switzerland, or Torino, Italy.

Travelling a bit longer by train, bus or plane will take you to major capitals, such as London, Madrid or Berlin: everything is within reach

Date of update December 14, 2018


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