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Scientific committee and lecturers

Smart Energy option

Stéphane Ploix

Smart Energy's option educational manager and Smart-buildings : upcoming new end-user services class lecturer
Stéphane Ploix

Yann Laurillau

Empowering consumers class lecturer

Yann Laurillau

Patrick Reignier

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning class lecturer

Patrick Reignier

Stéphane Robin

Demand response program class lecturer
Stéphane Robin

Nouredine Hadjsaïd

Towards a new paradigm: the Smart-Grid class lecturer
Nouredine Hadjsaid

Carlos A. Santos Silva

Urban modeling and analytics class lecturer
Carlos A. Santos Silva

Franck Rousseau

Technologies for smart-energy: smart-objects and Internet of Things class lecturer

Franck Rousseau

Manar Amayri

Data analytics for a low consumption building: GreEn-ER lab animator


Amr Alyafi

Design of smart systems and Laptop charge management maximizing auto-production labs animator
amr alyafi
Ginsen Smart Energy option is sponsored by Persyval Lab 

Nanotechnology option

Clemens Winkelmann

Nanotechnology's option educational manager and Introduction to Nano Physics class lecturer
Clemens Winkelmann

Yoann Roupioz

Nanobiology class lecturer

Yoann Roupioz

Wei-Xin Ni

Nanofunctional materials class lecturer


Matteo Cocuzza

Introduction to Microsystems class lecturer


Christophe Vallée

Introduction to Nano Electronics Devices and Circuits class lecturer


Humanities - common to both options

Veronique Rostas

Intercultural Studies & Communication class lecturer
Véronique Rostas

Philippe Bodiglio

Project Management, class lecturer

Date of update April 29, 2019


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