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International Relations Office

Office Manager

Head of Department: recruitment in process

Vice-president of International Affairs

Vice-president: Jeanne Duvallet

The department

  • Finance and scholarships
For information about scholarships and funding opportunities, contact Beatrice Gaglia, Marie Line Pasanisi, or Séverine Giroud
For information about Eiffel or Grenoble INP Foundation scholarships, contact Virginie Pellegrino

  • Partnerships and Foreign delegations
For information about partnerships, exchange programs and foreign delegations visits, contact Virginie Pellegrino

  • For help coming to study at Grenoble INP
Contact Aurélien Minet for general information
Caroline Pieton for specific information about Erasmus + incoming programs (Vietnam, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon)

  • For help organising your course or exchange outside Europe (for Grenoble INP students)
Contact Catherine Frexinos

  • For inquiries in communications matter
Contact Cécile Bettega

Date of update April 26, 2018

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