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Institut polytechnique de Grenoble

Grenoble Institute of Engineering

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Grenoble INP' Fact Sheet

Here are some information about Grenoble INP, Institute of engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes and its environment you might find useful.

Our schools

Academic information

Our English taught programmes

Living in Grenoble

​​​​​​​Estimate living:
  • Housing: 210 to 600 € per month depending on the type of accommodation
  • Food: about 200€ per month

Average temperature:
  • Summer: 25-30°C
  • Winter: 1-2°C

Student populations:
  • 65000 students in Grenoble
  • 5500 students in our schools including 20% of foreign students
  • 3 main countries of origin: Morocco / Brazil / Italy
​​​​​​​Grenoble INP Campus Est

mise à jour le 30 octobre 2019

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