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French for science - E-learning

International students from Grenoble INP: upon arrival, in September, thanks to multimedia modules FILIPE, you can prepare yourself for the understanding of your science curriculum. The French for science training is proposed as an independent learning.

FILIPÉ modules (French Intercultural and Linguistic program for Engineering)
Online multimedia modules allow you to adapt quickly, to integrate more easily your course in Grenoble INP and improve your scientific French.

Course objectives
French language for sciences courses are designed to give you the comprehension skills needed to take engineering courses in French.

The main course objectives are to:
  • Learn specialised vocabulary;
  • Identify and use the language structures specific to engineering;
  • Learn to identify key words and take notes during a course in French;
  • Explore the science curriculum "à la française"

Available modules

  • Basic mathematics for engineering
  • Computer skills
  • Probability: modelisation and tools
  • Kinematics and mechanics
  • Numerical methods
  • Introduction to project management
  • Sustainable development and energy conservation
  • Water cycle and treatment
  • Quality management
  • Introduction to microstructures (materials)

Independent learning
You can make as many desired modules you want on the FILIPE website. This indenpendent learning does not validate ECTS credits.

Engineering and language prerequisites
multimedia modules description.

Interests of these modules
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Date of update March 20, 2018

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