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Ginsen summer schools costs, for a month-long programme:

  • 1700 € for students nominated by one of our partner universities (click here to check if your home university is a partner)

  • 2000 € for non-partner universities

Fees include

  • Lectures
  • Practicals sessions
  • Accommodation in Grenoble, one private room per student (click here to see more)
  • Medical insurance*, covering medical expenses and bills for the entire duration of the summer programme
  • Civil liability*
  • Administrative registration fees
  • Visits of scientific equipments
  • Planned extracurricular activities

*Medical insurance and civil liability are contracted by Grenoble INP for every students participating in the summer school. You won't have to subscribe to another insurance as it covers every expense you might have in doctors appointment, drugs or medical emergencies. You will have all details on the insurance upon your acceptance to the programme.

Fees do NOT include

  • Everyday meals
  • Personnal travels: airplane/train/bus tickets and fares to and from Grenoble
  • Public transportation in Grenoble, as you accomodation and studying facilities are close by and can be reached walking
  • Traveling costs if you go visit other cities/countries than those included in our social programme

Cancellation policy: If a registration is cancelled after May 9, 2019, Grenoble INP will retain 20% of the fee.

Date of update December 13, 2018

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