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Academics : courses and more

Ginsen offers 2 options, allowing to to explore and deepen your knowledge in the field of your choice : Nanotechnology or Smart Energy.

The 5-week program combines:
  • Academic classes (some are common to both options, other specific to a field)
  • Lab work sessions 
  • A full social program including courses in French language and culture, visits to world-class research facilities and events such as weekends in the mountains, wine-tasting classes, and visit of neighbour cities (Lyon, Annecy...)

courses in common for both options


Nanotechnology option

Grenoble being one of the most dynamic centres in Europe in this area, discover Nanotechnology within the prism of leading research.

Nanotechnology option will cover several fundamental aspects of this field, from physics to nano-bio-sciences, and applications, from electronics to materials sciences.

Smart energy option

Smart Energy option will cover several fundamental aspects of the field, from smart-energy to emerging energy society, and applications, from physical modeling and optimization to machine learning and internet of things (IOT).

Focus will be on different scales, from grid to home and office through urban scale.

Date of update April 25, 2019


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