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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

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Minatec Crossroads 2006 - Honoris Causa Ceremony

During this ceremony, internationally renowned experts in their domain will be awarded. May 29th.


  • 4.30 - 4.40 pm Welcome and introduction
            Paul Jacquet, President INP Grenoble
  • 4.40 - 5.00 pm Professor Klaus von Klitzing award (Solid-State Physics)
           1985 Nobel Prize in Physics, Emeritus Professor,
           Stuttgart University (D)
  • 5.00 - 5.20 pm Professor Carlo Naldi award (Micro and Nanotechnologies)
           Politecnico di Torino (I)
  • 5.20 - 5.40 pm Professor Arun G. Phadke award (Energy)
           Emeritus Professor, Virginia Tech. (USA)
  • 5.40 - 6.00 pm Professor Pravin Varaiya award (Embedded Systems)
           University of California, Berkeley (USA)
  • 6.00 - 6.30 pm Cultural and artistic time: multimedia creations
           Computer Science and Artistic Creation Laboratory,
           INP Grenoble - French Ministry for Culture and Communication

Date of update May 24, 2006

Minatec crossroads


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