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Grenoble INP Ph.D. programmes

Grenoble’s renowned research labs have earned the city an international reputation for technological innovation and partnerships between academic research and industry.

Grenoble’s universities have created a Doctoral College. PhD degrees are granted by the University of Grenoble.

Grenoble INP contributes to creating new scientific knowledge through six Doctoral Schools:
  • Doctoral school in Electronics, Automatics, and Signal Processing (EEATS)
  • Doctoral school in Materials, Mechanical, Energy, Environmental, Process, and Production Engineering (I-MEP2)
  • Doctoral school in Engineering for Healthcare, Cognition and the Environment (EDISCE)
  • Doctoral school in Mathematics, Information Sciences and Technology, and Computer Science (MSTII)
  • Grenoble Doctoral school in Physics
  • Doctoral school in Earth, Universe and Environmental Sciences (TUE)

The PhD

The PhD degree generally corresponds to a total of eight years of post-secondary study. PhD students enroll in one of the Doctoral Schools.

PhD candidates complete a dissertation based on three years of research conducted at a research lab on an original topic. PhD research can be conducted with an industrial partner or with an international partner from academia or industry. Grenoble Institute of Technology has 32 internationally-renowned research labs where PhD candidates can potentially conduct their research.
Candidates with a degree in engineering or a Master’s degree in another field can apply to PhD programs.

To complete a dissertation, candidates must apply to a Doctoral School and obtain financing (through a PhD contract with the school, French Ministry of Higher Education and Research scholarships, regional scholarships, funding through the CIFRE program, or other sources).

Research Director Accreditation

Candidates for Research Director Accreditation have been eligible to enroll in and defend their dissertation at the Grenoble University school of their choice since 2013.
Candidates must contact the relevant Research Director Accreditation Committee for approval before enrolling.

Date of update July 3, 2019

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