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Which course in English?

From 1 week to 3 years, find the right course for you:

  • Master courses (2 years, admission in year 2 possible)
  • Exchange semesters (6 months)
  • Masters of engineering (3 years)
  • A post-master programme (1 year)
  • Summer schools (from 1 to 5 weeks)

The French higher-education system offers three types of Master courses:
  • Masters reserved for international students
  • Masters taught in English
  • Master of Engineering Degree, with a focus of engineering sciences

Masters or Masters of Engineering Degree

International Masters of Science  

Other Masters of Science in English

Master in Applied Mathematics:


Master in Informatics:


Master in Informatics, Applied Mathematics:


Master in Mechanics:


 Master in Industrial engineering:


 Master Earth and Environmental Sciences:


Master of Science in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation and Signal Processing  


Master in Signal and image processing:


Master in Nanoscience, Nanotechnologies:


Master of Engineering Degree


Bilingual Masters of Science in English and French

Master Earth and Environmental Sciences:


Master in Industrial Engineering:

Master in Production, logistics, purchasing management:


Master in Physics:


Master in Nanoscience, Nanotechnologies:


Master in Cognitive sciences:


 Master in Materials science and engineering:


Other courses

Degree Programme


Post Master’s programmes


International Doctoral Schools


Shorter Programmes


Summer Schools


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